Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

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Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Seira on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 2:31 am

This is a story I write on, on and off...when the others in this series arn't trying to kidnap my, really! It's getting to be really bad. I'll post each chapter in this topic though.


Fate is a fickle thing. They say the smallest of breaths can change something thousands of miles away. Time is delicate, you can never tell how someone will turn out to be, or even if you'll be able to get along with someone you hadn't seen for years. So much was against them. Yet still, he let nothing stand in his way.

There are days I can't help but wonder what would have happened had she not wandered in that day. Would things have still turned out the way they did? Or would the events have been altered? Was it fate that they met or, had they not met then, would they have met later or not at all?

So many questions left unanswered, not that I can complain, but it boggles the mind to think: what if?

- From the journal of the King of the South.

Mortals. Silly little things with absurdly short lifetimes and so reckless. So why was it that he, a king of the Fae, had become obsessed by this little human girl?

He knew the instant that she had entered his kingdom, and using his scrying bowl to watch her, he was been quite surprised. This little girl, hardly more then seven years of age, was wandering about his kingdom. He knew there were still portals that existed, that lead to the mortal realm, but mortals rarely found themselves. It was another thing if they had been...led there.

She was a pretty little mortal with shoulder length black hair and bright amber eyes. Very cute. When he saw her he nearly transported to her to take her to his castle to raise. Something in her expression stopped him however and he watched as she tried to find her way. Determination perhaps. But it had been three days and she hadn't eaten and barely slept and he was starting to become increasingly worried about her.

He already made his decision about her, so he decided it was probably time to make an appearance and lead her back to her parents. Before she was in too deep that is. Otherwise she would never be able to leave, not being human anymore. He grinned, revealing sharp canines. Not that it mattered. All in due time. He vanished leaving only smoke behind.


The pretty little mortal in question was becoming increasingly frustrated. It didn't help any that her stomach wouldn’t stop rumbling. She sniffed. All she wanted was to go home to her mother, but she was beginning to think she never would.

“Hello, little girl. Are you lost?” A masculine voice said behind her. The little girl turned around to face a stranger, but at least he looked relatively human unlike the other things she had seen in this place. Horrifying things that she would never have imagined, or things that seemed human but…she could tell there was something..evil, or dangerous about them. She spent most of her time hiding from such things, somehow knowing that she didn’t want any of these things to know she was there or see her.

This creature was…really tall though and she had a feeling he wasn't human as he was too pretty to be. He had shoulder length hair aqua in color the sea and silver eyes. Really pretty. It made her think of the sea and the moon. She remembered suddenly he'd asked her a question. She sniffed again, trying not to cry but being so close. Her mother must be so worried about her. Maybe…maybe she’d even think that she had left her, like...she shook her head, not wanting to think on that.


“Uh-huh.” She said softly. He was happy he didn’t smell any fear, but that didn't surprise him. Children often felt drawn to his kind, unlike the adults. She was, if anything, a little wary, but after all she’d seen so that, again, didn’t surprise him.

“I see.” He replied. “If you like I can help you get home. What is your name, little one?” Golden eyes widened and he noticed a rekindled hope in them.

“It's Fira. Fira Taylor Robinson.” She replied. “Can you really help me get home, sir? Mommy...mommy will be sad if I don't.”

He smiled. “Yes, I can. However, you look hungry to me.” He held out his arm showing her a basket he was carrying. “Shall we get a bite to eat first? I doubt your mother would like you collapsing from starvation.”

Fira frowned. “What's stav-starvation?”

“Not eating for a long time.” He sat down gracefully and started pulling food out of the basket, the basket seeming limitless as he pulled everything out, all of it in bite sized pieces. Fruits, such as mandarins, apples, pears and grapes. Meats like chicken, turkey, bacon and beef, all cooked. Several different cheeses, goat cheese, mozzarella and Monterey Jack “How old are you, Fira?”

The amber eyed girl sat down next to the immortal. “I'm five! I'm going to be six soon.” She said happily. He smiled. She had obviously accepted him, her wariness having melted away. He wondered what she would smell like when she was older, what her emotions would smell like.

“So young.” He murmured. “Just don't eat it too quickly fikaji hedra, you don't wish to make yourself ill.” Fira nodded, grabbing a mandarin slice and starting with it.

“What are you?” The immortal was so surprised by the question that he threw back his head and laughed. He was quite happy she started on the fruit. Obviously she hadn’t been raised on tales about his kind or she wouldn’t have touched them.

“I'm a Fae.” He replied grabbing a piece of cheese and eating it.

“A fairy?” Head tilted to the side and he could smell her puzzlemet.

“No. That would apply under Faerie. The Fae are a kind of...ruling class to all the different kinds of Faerie.”

“Oh.” He was amused at the girl's appetite though she did eat slowly, taking his warning to heart. “Why do you wear gloves? Something wrong with your hands?”

“No, little one. There is nothing wrong with my hands. Why are you wearing that cap?”

“Because I like it.”

“And I like to wear gloves.” Fira nodded as if that explained everything. “Are you done?” He asked. She nodded. “Then let's be off.” Fira helped him clean up the plates and bowls (most still had quite a bit of stuff in them) and put them back in his basket. Though the basket hadn’t strained when he took things out, it did as they put things back in while the magic adapted until everything was back in the basket. He wasn't surprised Fira didn't ask about that, children accepted magic far easier then adults did. Once done the two started walking.

“Um...Mr. Fae?”

“What is it?”

“How old are you?” He looked at her, and noticed only curiosity. He had forgotten that about children. They were as curious as new born kittens.

“Very old.” Fira seemed to think about this, falling silent. They walked in peace for a time, before Fira started talking about all kinds of things. Her life at home Duriko, her neighbors, her friends. He listened smiling. She told him her dreams, silly little things only young children could think of. Soon it was dark and they had to rest. He covered her in a dark blue blanket. It was made of a soft material that couldn't be found in the mortal realm.

“Would your mother really be so sad if you didn't come home?” He asked softly, she was completely tucked in, her head on his lap. She nodded.

“Yeah. I don't want mommy to cry again. She cried a lot when daddy left. I don't think she knew I knew, but I did.”

“Do you mean your father died?” He was quite interested in her life. He noticed she’d never mentioned her father before.

“No, he just...didn't come home one day. Mommy said that even though he wasn't coming back he still loved me, but she lied. She didn't know that I knew that...daddy didn't like me.”

“What do you mean?” He stroked her hair as she talked. She yawned.

“Daddy didn't want a little girl. He wanted a little boy. Not a good-for-nothing girl.” She said. “That's why daddy left mommy. Because my mommy couldn't have any more children and the one she had was a good-for-nothing girl.” The child curled up in her blanket. His eyes narrowed; how dare that man harm a child. It was all emotional, but because of that probably more harmful then any physical damage he could have done.

“You aren't a good-for-nothing girl. In fact, the fact that you are still alive says something. You're a very brave and courageous girl. If you were older I'd ask you to marry me.” His smile hid a smirk underneath.

“Good. Because mommy says I'm too young to marry. If I was bigger though I'd say yes, cuz your nice.”

“Really now? Is that a promise, young Fira?”

The black haired girl nodded. “Uh-huh. Promise.” She quickly drifted off to sleep soon after. After she get up they continued walking, Fira holding the folded blanket in her arms. The two continued to talk as they walked undisturbed, after all, none in his kingdom were going to attack him. They wouldn't dare and would quickly be demolished if they tried.

It took several more days before the Fae king had led the mortal child home. Fira perked up, though the house was just within sight. She then looked down at the ground a bit depressed.

“What is wrong, Fira?”

“I'll have to give you the blanket back. And I don't even know your name, to thank you.” She said. A kind smile appeared on his face.

“You can keep it.” He ruffled her hair as she perked up.

“Really?” She asked. He nodded.

“Now go home. Your mother must be worried sick. You've been gone for almost a week.” He said softly. She nodded and she ran to the home. Before she was just out of earshot she heard him say something. A name. When she looked back, he was gone. She turned around and knocked on the door.

Later when asked she said a Fae had helped her home, and sadly, due to her young age, nobody believed her. As the years passed the young girl forgot the mythical king, though she always slept with that blanket. She grew up never knowing that he was watching her. Never knowing that he was waiting for her return...after which he could claim her.

This is the editted version, I was wondering what you think. Some of the things that were criticized for are still there, but hopefully I got most of the ones I could. XD So, for what I know I didn't get.

1) How long Fira was without food and little sleep. You'd be surprised how easily the human body adapts, especially young children. Never said she liked it though. Also, I never said she was lacking water, because there is plenty of water around and as long as a human has water, they can survive without food for quite some time.

2) The beginning part in said who wrote it. The King of the South. However, it's supposed to be vague.

3) He introduced himself? Question Where? Where? XD

I hope I didn't bruise anyone, or worse, make anyone angry, just telling my reasons for some of them. ^_^ Do continue to point out things you notice. It only ever helps. I love you

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  aalmcmullen on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 11:37 am

Sounds like a sweet story, Seira! Cute premise.

I would recommend writing more of it in an active voice. Less "was" and "had probably" when narrating it, so it doesn't weaken the impact of the story. And give us more descriptions! Tell us more of what Fira saw, smelled, heard, etc. when she met the Fae. Tell us what exactly he pulled out of his basket, if the threads in the blanket shimmered in the sunlight, why you say his hair is aqua rather than just blue. You've got a good story - work it!

You also might want to shorten the amount of time she went without food. Children can't go as long without food before it starts affecting them. She wouldn't be walking around; she'd probably be forced to sleep lots to conserve energy. I've got a four year old - it's hard enough if her meals are late. Wink

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Dreamygrril on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 7:33 pm

Yes more descriptions would be nice. A very cute and different start for sure Smile

I would have done differently is not explaining right off that he is Fae let it happen whe he introduces himself to the girl.

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Gwyndolin on Tue 20 Apr 2010, 6:15 pm

Wow, what a lovely story! I really love it! If I read that prologue, I would buy the book in a heartbeat.

I noticed a couple of little things, mostly spag, which I've pointed out for you here.

I loved your opening, the part in italics. It is a fantastic opening, and it drew me in instantly. I also love the end. I love that you leave us hanging, waiting for his name, and how you open it up for a whole story with him waiting for her to grow up.


It didn't help any that her stomach would stop rumbling.

I think you meant her stomach wouldn't stop rumbling. Very Happy

He was happy to notice that he smelled no fear on her, but that didn't surprise him.

I'd suggest a revision on that - He was happy not to smell any fear on her, but that didn't surprise him.

children accepted magic far easier then adults did.

I really, really like that touch! It is so true about so many things, and captures a huge part of the essence of being child-like.

Her life at home Duriko, her neighbors, her friends.

I think maybe that's supposed to say Her life at home in Duriko? If not, then I guess I don't really understand that sentence.

“What do you mean?” He stoked her hair as she talked.

I assume that is supposed to say he stroked her hair.


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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Whisper on Wed 21 Apr 2010, 7:44 pm

I still love this story hehe


Be careful about your point of view. It's not always clear whose head you're in, so to speak. For example, it sounds like you're talking from the king's POV, but then you say Fira was depressed. That's something Fira would know. So it should be her POV, or you can reword it as an observation. She looked depressed, as opposed to was.

Also, with the excerpt in the prologue, it's not clear who met, and who is talking/writing about it. Is this the king's own journal, or one of his brothers'? When he says, "So much was against them," it would help if you cleared that up a little. For example, "So much was against the king and his little mortal."

Very very nice, Seira flower

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Dreamygrril on Fri 23 Apr 2010, 10:57 pm

Awesome stuff, everything has been covered as far as what could be changed Smile

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Seira on Mon 26 Apr 2010, 4:56 pm

Here we go, chapter one you may notice some of the same mistakes as in the prologue. Just to warn you.

Chapter one

20 years later...

A young woman in her twenties walked down the isle of the store. Why did they have to hide things? How hard could it be to find sugar? Well, since she'd been looking for the last twenty minutes, rather hard. She couldn't help but find it annoying. Golden eyes flashed as she growled low in her throat.

She was dressed in a dark red shirt and black slacks that were form fitting on her rear and thighs while loose on her calves and ankles. On her feet she wore sandals with ties that came all the way up to mid thigh. Often she heard herself described as beautiful, childish looks having long given way to womanly curves, however she didn't believe one word of it.

She just looked unusual with her golden eyes, black hair and sun kissed skin. That was all. There was absolutely nothing unusual about Fira Robinson. She spotted what she was after, muttering that it was about time. She brought it all to the store keeper.

“Find what you were after, sweetheart?” The man behind the counter asked.

She smiled. “Of course.” She said. “It just took me a while.” That was the only indication she was going to give they should make things easier to find. She paid for her things and left. Since she had come here she had been feeling rather odd. Nervous. Scared almost. She didn't understand why. She'd been to Menkai before, why should she be afraid? True she'd gotten lost but she wasn't a five year old anymore and not nearly as unlikely to get lost.

She entered her home, only a five minute walk from the store. She was renting one of the rooms of this house while she worked. She was a well-known author of children tales. She always wrote these mythical tales that the children just loved. Once when asked how she could, she answered simply that she still believed in magic, unlike many adult.

Logically she knew magic didn't exist, like Fae and unicorns, but the child she used to be had never really died. She made that wish, that passion, quite clear in the stories she wrote and because of that the children loved them.

“Ah, dearie, you're back.” Her landlady said. The woman was only five foot to her five foot seven. She had a kindly face, often smiling. Her name was Rowena Doustin and she was also rather forgetful. Fira couldn't have gotten luckier in her look for a landlady.

“Hello, Miss. Doustin. Do you know of any interesting sights? I've hit a bit of a writers block and going sight seeing might just clear my head.” Fira grinned cheerfully.

“Hmm. Well, there is the Alter. It's in the next village. If you want I'll go with you.” Rowena replied. She came close and brushed a strand of hair out of Fira's face. “The Fae would have loved you,” She said rather dreamily. “My parents often claimed I was a change child, left in place of their real child. Such beautiful eyes...” She suddenly broke off, causing Fira to shudder for some unknown reason. “Well, child? What think you?”

“Of what?”

“My coming with you of course! What else, silly girl.” Rowena asked with a small grin.

“Oh. Right. Yeah, that'll be fine. I'd love the company.”

“Good, because I wouldn't miss it for the world. Shall we go tomorrow?” Fira nodded with a smile. “Good! Now go pack your bags. My sister will be overjoyed to see me.”

Sister? Fira hadn't even been aware Rowena had a sister and the woman sure did like to talk. She shrugged. Oh well, she guessed she'd meet this sister tomorrow. Why did she have a bad feeling about it? As if something was very very wrong?

The rest of the day she sat at her desk attempting to write, trying to the book finished and only meeting dead ends. So many idea's yet she couldn't write any of them up without them sounding horrid. She would've forgotten to eat if it weren't for Rowena bringing her food on a tray.

“You don't have to do this Miss. Doustin. Honest. I'm not unknown to missing meals and if I get hungry I'll just get something myself.” She protested when she came for the tray she'd brought in at dinner time.

Rowena laughed. “Oh don't worry about it, dearie. I don't mind.” She said. “We'll have a busy day tomorrow and you'll want to keep your strength up, trust me.” She left then with the empty tray. For three more hours Fira tried to write before giving up and going to bed. Maybe she just needed to get away from the pages for a while and stop thinking so hard about it. She hoped that was true.


He smirked, watching her through the scrying bowl. Soon. Very soon he'd see her again. She made a mistake as a child, one he would quickly inform her off...but not too quickly of course. That wouldn't be any fun. She was everything he thought she'd grow up to be and more. He knew he was at the right, letting her grow up without him.

The thought had crossed his mind to just take her and, when she was old enough, mold her into what he wanted her to be, but what was the fun in that? Then all she would have been was a doll, no more fire or spirit in her then a puppet. No, this was much better.

He relished the thought of all he could teach her and all the games they would play as he attempted to tame her spirit, never breaking it. And when he was through...she would be all he could ever want of her.

“Soon, my sweet. Soon, you precious thing, you will be mine, whether you know it or not.” He laughed, a sound only a fool would call happy, a dark laugh that a predator might make just before it trapped and killed it's prey. As the prey in question lay on her bed slumbering under a blanket he had given her so long ago, he thought and continued his plans.


Fira awoke, refreshed and ready for the day. She got up and dressed much like yesterday, only in different colors, the shirt being gold this time, but the pants again black. Tying her shoes she busied herself with packing. Rowena wouldn't be up for another four hours as it was only five in the morning. She always woke at dawn, always had.

She finished rather quickly because she mostly lived out of her bags anyway. She'd had the oddest dream, someone was calling her name. She couldn't see who but he sounded familiar. She smiled sheepishly. Weird dreams. She was quite familiar with them. As she finished her packing she looked at a clock. Three more hours. She decided to pick up a book and read until Rowena awoke.

She heard a knock on her door. “Child, are you ready?” She looked at the clock surprised, three hours had passed so quickly.

“Yeah, I'm ready.” She grabbed her bag and put her book in it, leaving the room. “How long will it take us to get there?” She asked with a smile.

“Well, do you know how to ride?” A nod. “We'll be there by dinner time.” Horseback, hmm? Fira had come in a carriage. She was glad her bag was light, carrying her blanket, a few sets of clothing and other necessities, unlike some girls who carried so much you had to go by carriage. It had been some time since she had ridden horseback. The two prepared to leave, Rowena had packed a lunch for the two, and headed on their way. Rowena talked to her about this and that, but Fira wasn't listening. If she had she might have turned back...if she had she never would have gone, blissfully unaware of what was held in store for her.

But she didn't so they rode. Stopping at lunch to eat before heading on their way. When they got to the next village the sun was just setting. Rowena smiled. “Ah, we got here in time. Knowing my sister she'll have dinner out already. Come!” She said as they took the horses to the stable. Fira wasn't sure why Rowena was suddenly ordering her around but she guessed it didn't matter. She followed her to the tavern where they met with...a woman who looked exactly like Rowena.

Fira looked between the two of them. Rowena might have mentioned that her sister was her twin. She pulled a stray hair behind her ear. She looked around and saw a woman watching her with an amused grin and odd tattoo on her face, but before she could do anything the woman was gone as if she had never been there. Fira shook her head obviously imagining things.

“Fira, over here. Ro just made dinner.” Rowena called.

“Coming.” Fira replied walking in after her. She sat at the table with her, her twin setting down trays in front of them. Pasta and mandarins with ice cream for dessert. She'd been avoiding fruit since she came here, somehow feeling that she should, another odd thing. She ate her food happily, it was delicious, noticing the odd looks Rowena gave her. “Something wrong?” She asked.

“No, no. I was just thinking. You normally go to sleep soon, don't you?” Fira nodded. “You should go then. You have a room on the second floor third to the right. We have so much to do when you next walk up.” Rowena bubbled. “It's so exciting!”

“Very well then, I'll see you in the morning.” She stood up heading to her room. She felt like reading a bit more before going to bed. Upon entering her room she stopped. “Oh, sorry, did I get the wrong room?” It was the woman from before. She was dressed in a way Fira had never seen, and such an odd design on her face.

“No, this is the right room.” The woman said, walking with a grace most couldn't manage. Fira felt like she was in the presence of royalty. “I merely wished to say something to you.”

“And that is?” Fira felt nervous watching the woman circle her, the woman's golden eyes flashing in amusement while black moved around her like a shield.

“Do not let him intimidate you. Never let him see your fear.” She said. She tilted her head looking at Fira with a searching look. “Do so and he will ever take advantage of it.” She smiled thoughtfully as if she was thinking of something.

“He? He who?” Fira asked.

The woman looked at her. “Oh, you'll know. Trust me. You'll know.” Like before she was gone as if she had never been there. Fira blinked. Was she going out of her mind? She wasn't so sure anymore...and why had that woman seemed so...familiar, as different as she was? Fira shook her head deciding not to read the book and turn in early. Apparently she needed it.

Several hours later she awoke to noise outside. A lot of noise. She looked at the clock. Midnight. She growled in frustration. Probably some kids being loud but...didn't they ever hear of sleep? She tossed on the clothing she had been wearing went outside. She looked around and nobody was around. She looked up at the moon, it was full and utterly beautiful. She'd always found the full moon mesmerizing.

“What is a moment, but a wish or a dream?” She heard a deep masculine voice say, soft footsteps as he approached her.

“Many ages have passed, or so it would seem.” She whispered. It was part of a poem she had written in one of her stories. She turned around to face the one who spoke. He looked familiar. Aqua colored hair that came all the way to his rear and bright silver eyes. Mesmerizing eyes, like the moon above their heads. He was rather lanky, though be was obviously all muscle, with a face that she fancied must have been made by the gods. He was simply too beautiful to be human. He was roughly six foot four, she had to tilt her head to look him in the face...that too was familiar.

“Hello Fira. Isn't it a lovely evening for a stroll?” He asked, eyes glittering. She shivered, not sure if it was fear or desire or a mix of both that caused her to. His lips curl in a one sided smirk. “You don't remember me, do you Fira?”

She backed away from him, sensing that he was dangerous in a way she'd never known. “I have no idea what you're talking about.” Never let him see your fear. The word echoed in her head causing her to stop. It was this man the woman meant, of that she was certain.

“And to think, I did so much for you. Fed you, gave you a gift, kept you company, and all you did was forget me. How cruel of you, Fira Taylor Robinson.” Fira's eyes widened as she suddenly remember many things, because once one has been touch by a Fae they never truly forget. She looks down listening as he walked closer, he was only letting her hear him, she knew. If he wanted to he could walk silently as if he was a ghost. “It's really too bad. I remember you had a fondness for mandarins. Do you still?” He was circling her, watching her as if she was a midnight snack but she held her ground. “Or have your tastes...changed?” The last word was said with so much sexual tension she couldn't help but shiver. When she finally looked up at him, he was right in front of her.

“Hello, Cian.” She said softly.

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  aalmcmullen on Wed 28 Apr 2010, 2:07 pm

I really liked the fact that you made Cian more of a threat. He seemed a little tame for my taste in the first piece. A touch of danger is always more exciting. And I like the fact that she exceeds their expectations and remembers him.

I think this would do well with a good, thorough edit. What you're telling is good, just your tone seems to shift back and forth, making it confusing. Try to go through with a fine-tooth comb and condense whatever you can. Succinct descriptions are always more elegant than long, wordy ones. And it sounds like this isn't set in our world. Have fun and spend some time describing what it's like! I assumed she was in a town with a strange name until you said she travelled by coach. Give us more hints from the beginning that, no, we're not in Kansas any more, Toto. That way it's not too jarring when you get to the whole carriage thing.

Good work, interesting story, just clean it up, Seira!

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  SnowCamellia on Thu 06 May 2010, 10:15 am

I have to agree with everything aalmcmullen said. This is a really interesting story. Seems like there might be lots of twists and shocks in this one. It has a lot of potential, something I'd realllllllyy want to read when it hits the bookshelves. As for errors etc, you're already aware of them I'm sure. So all in all I give you a Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Hehe!

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  thisangel on Tue 11 May 2010, 11:18 pm

Hiya, Seira -

Sorry I'm only getting 'round to reading your story now - I've been rather busy of late.

I liked it - I think you have great potential here for a really lovely and dark fairy tale. I agree with everything the others have said. You mentioned yourself about the tenses, and i think others did as well - at times it is confusing, the switching back and forth between "he, she" and "they"...consistency is the verdict I've received when it comes to tenses...pick one you like and stick with it Smile

The only other thing I noticed enough so that it took me out of the story was that sometimes you seem to be making lists with your descriptions. I know it's difficult not to. By lists I mean "I did this, he did this, she did this"....maybe try varying it up a bit with thoughts, feelings and more dialogue.

Other than those two points, I think you have a very strong story here - good luck with it!

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Liberty on Sun 16 May 2010, 2:37 pm

Loving the story!
Definitely looking forward to more.
Other than what you mentioned already, I noticed some minor grammatical and spelling errors. Great job though! Smile

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

Post  Seira on Tue 13 Jul 2010, 4:24 pm

Meh...sorry this took so long. Chapter two. I've been busy rather late and this is obviously...unedited.

Chapter Two

He smirked. “So you do remember.” Something about his tone, his look...she couldn't handle them anymore and ran into the church, hoping he couldn't follow. She ran all the way to the alter, hiding in it. Why was he here? After all those years, why couldn't he have just left her alone?

“Well, that was effective.” She heard his voice...above her. She scrambled out of there and looked. Cian as standing on the alter. He jumped down and smirked at her. He approached her, she couldn't seem to move, glued in place. “Do you think your gods would save you? Once you considered us gods...Or was it your wish to be married here? I could grant you that wish if you so desire.” He was circling her again, stopping just behind her.

“No.” She answered to all his questions as his arms encircled her, one touching her hair just by her ear but never her skin, the other around her waist barely touching her shirt. His hands moved, never touching her skin, but she wished he would, could feel the warmth of his hands.

“No?” He mocked. “You've never dreamed of how it might be, you who dreams and believes in the mystical? Never wondered what it might be like to take a Fae as a lover or husband?” He smirked and pulled away. “I think you're lying.” He looked at her from head to toe. Causing her to shiver again. “Yes, I think you're lying. Why else would you tremble at mere words?”

“I'm angry, Cian. Angry. Ever heard of that? It causes one to shake. Why are you here? I don't need you here.” She said, anger in her tone. She was angry. Angry at him, at herself. How could he make her tremble at a mere look and why was he interfering in her life?

“Well good.” He smiled mockingly. “I was beginning to think you lost all your fire, fikaji hedra. Came, I merely wanted to invite you to a ceremony. Tonight's perfect for it. We'll be waiting for you outside.” He then left the church.

Had she known what awaited her, what was to come, she never would have left the church.

* * *

Certainly beautiful. Fiery. Everything he expected she would be. More then he expected. When he had seen her there, moonlight spilling over her, he felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. True he knew what she looked like, but it was ever through his scrying bowls which dimmed the image a bit, like looking at a photograph. To see what she had become in reality was so much more.

He had smelled her fear, her desire, her anger. He wondered at her anger. As he taunted her she remembered before running from him. Into a church of all places. He couldn't touch her there nor force her out. If she remained there his plans would be ruined until next year.

Thankfully, she did follow him, and everyone from the village was up. They grabbed the poor confused mortal and walked to the Alter. It was the place the Fae went...He smirked to himself looking at Fira. She'd figure it out. Eventually.

* * *

She couldn't figure out why these people were dragging her with them, though she spotted Rowena and her twin. Rowena smiled at her. “Don't worry, dearie. He's not meaning you any harm. You the guest of honor and we just don't want you to miss it, that's all.” Guest of honor? What was she talking about. She was so confused now. Everyone stood in a circle around the Alter, a set of stones in formation, except for Cian who stood next to it.

“My friends! We are gathered here today so that I, Cian of the Eastern Kingdom, may take a bride.” He said, as everyone hushed. “Bring the candidate forth.” A girl with dark hair and dark eyes approached him. As if sensing her intense gaze Cian looked at her. “What, you didn't think my bride was you, did you?”

She looked away. The girl couldn't have been older then eighteen. So what if he was planning to marry that girl. It wasn't her place to tell him what to do. She looked at them out of the corner of her eyes. He had just leaned down and was...kissing her. It was a passionate kiss that made Fira hot just watching. Finally Cian finished, walking with her to her parents.

“Thank you Amy. As agreed you're family will not be molested by the Fae for the next hundred years.” He said, before walking back to the Alter. When everyone quiets again, since they are all quite excited, with the exception of Fira, knowing what's going to happen next. “By right of hunt I choose my bride. I choose, and always have, Fira Taylor Robinson!” He smirks at her and walks slowly towards her. His smirk and his movements were so like a predator she didn't know what else to do.

Fira stood up quickly and ran. She remembered her promise..and so evidently had he. Twenty years had passed however and she had no wish to be wed to this stranger. He scared her, terrified her. What was she supposed to do with him?

Never wondered what it might be like to take a Fae as lover or husband? He had asked her. Now she knew why and it only made her run faster, though she stumbled many times, once even falling tearing her pants and scraping her knees.

She grabbed the base of a tree, scratching her palms. He thought she would make it easy? He thought she would just give in and be his bride because he said so? He would hold her to a promise she made when she was five years old? No. She wouldn't let him. She was just trying to catch her breath first, she had been running so fast surely she had a little time.

Suddenly two arms were against either side of her head, pushing her back into tree base. She looked up knowing what she was going to see and groaned. No fair, he'd already caught up to her.

“Hello, little fikaji hedra.” Cian's mouth curved into a sensual smile. “My, my, and I did think it would be harder to catch you. You seem to be quite bad at this.” He leaned closer, his lips touching her neck at the pulse point, the barest of kisses. “Hm, I wonder, if you dislike me so much, why do you smell so utterly tempting as if to draw me in? Why does your blood race so much?”

He was daring her to, once again, deny the desire she felt, something she wanted to do with all her being. She shook her head, unable to say anything. Her mouth felt dry, she noticed something she hadn't noticed before. He had two stripes along his cheekbones, aqua in color. She wanted to run her tongue along them suddenly. Something in his eyes, male satisfaction, indicated that he somehow knew that. It was unnerving to say the least.

“What? Have you nothing to say to me?” Cian asked mockingly, his thumb running across her lower lip. His words were met with silence. His hand ran down her throat his thumb resting on her chin. “Well, then perhaps your tastes have changed since you where a child.” He leaned down and kissed her before she could think to react. Gently his thumb forced her mouth open. Heat. She remembered wondering what it would be like if Cian kissed her. It was hot, possessive, demanding. As if he was marking her as his, all the way down to her soul.

His hands were moving caressing her body as he went before resting on her hips as he pushed her against the tree, his hips grinding against her telling her without words were this path led. Her mind wouldn't work however as he continued to give her hot, hungry kisses, and she couldn't think why she should pull away, even as alarm bells rang in her head. A soft noise escaped her throat which received an answering growl. If she thought she couldn't think before...any brain cells she might have had left melted. He broke the kiss to deliver hungry open mouthed kisses to her neck. “Mine!” He growled. “You're mine!”

His words broke through her mind, though not immediately, it took a few minutes. But when she did come to she realized she really shouldn't be allowing this handsome, dangerous Fae seduce her. She managed to push him back a bit and brought her knee up and managed to escape him, running once again from the beautiful immortal. Behind her she heard a dark laugh that made the hairs on the back of her neck raise up and caused her to shake in fear.

This time she didn't allow herself to stop, refused to stop until her legs could hold her no more and even then she'd be determined to continue. Perhaps if she could evade him until dawn he'd leave her alone. She didn't know though, he looked so...determined to have her. But she didn't want him.

Suddenly she was forced to stop, her shoulder and elbow hurting as the sudden halt in her momentum caused her pain. Not to mention his grip on her arm which was also quite painful. I'm going to have a nice looking bruise on my wrist, I just know it. She thought to herself, looking at him fearfully.

“By right of hunt I have caught you, twice.” He smirked. “So by right of hunt you are mine. Come, bride, and let us face the next challenge.” He still seemed pleased. He teleported, bring her with him, back to the Alter. The villages had been waiting there. “My friends, it is time for the next challenge, the last, and then I shall claim my wife.”

Has she eaten from the Fae fruit? A voice asked from nowhere.


“Fruit eaten when I was five doesn't count!” Fira glared at Cian.

“How about the fruit you eat this evening?”

“That's not-!” She broke off, grinding her teeth. Damn it. Still caught.

And has this one proven her worth, Cian of the Eastern Kingdom?

“Yes. She wondered my kingdom for three days and survived. She was hungry and tired, but she survived. Does this suffice, oh Wise One?”

It does. Bring forth the challenger then, the one who is equal in will, in power, in strength. And that one is: Dante of the Northern Kingdom.

A man appeared standing in front of them. He had golden blond hair to his waist and bright amethyst eyes. He looked a little confused first then disgruntled.

“You could have warned me, brother, so I'd have been prepared if this happened.” It was all Fira could do not to gasp. Now she was actually paying attention the two looked quite alike, you just wouldn't notice it at first. Cian, she thought, was the more handsome of the two, but Dante was still quite handsome. He was slightly taller and broader of frame but the face...exactly the same except, she noticed; he had two golden lines starting at his eyebrows arching and ending mid-cheek. “So this is the human you told me about?” Cian smirked. “Very well, your challenge brother, will be to find her. Asleep she will be until you touch her, within three days or she will perish. Placed she will be within the walls of thine kingdom, guarded from harm by one of thine minions. Magic you cannot use but to protect thine self, nor seek help from those who serve you. Is this acceptable?” He looked at the Alter.

Yes. Before Fira knew what was happening he was no longer holding her wrist and she was so tired...


He watched as Fira disappeared. He lived in a large kingdom, finding her without magic wasn't going to be easy, but at least he could use his magic to protect himself least one of his minions, he could name a few, get the smart idea to try and eat him. “You will at least place me at the edge of my kingdom though, won't you?” He asked the Alter, because otherwise this was impossible.

Of course. Was it just him or did it sound amused?

“One day you'll pay for this, brother.” He warned Dante who smirked. “I doubt it,” Dante said as Cian began to fade. “but know I do it only out of love.”

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Re: Fire of the East (Chapter two added.)

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